What Clinicians and Travelers Are Saying About Travelan:

“As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (class 94-96). I lived in Ghana, West Africa for 2 years and wish this product was available at that time. Since my peace corps days I have traveled to many destinations with questionable food and water. Using Travelan during my recent travels has provided me the peace of mind my trip will not be interrupted with travelers diarrhea. When I go on vacation now, time and money are of the essence. Paying for a trip and spending my trip in the bathroom can be easily prevented now by taking Travelan. I am happy this product is available for all my future travels.”
Passport Health nurse, Melanie Kohr-French
“I do recommend Travelan for every client. This product has amazing reviews and as a preventative option for TD I do highly recommend it to all clients and it’s a natural product supplement to help reducing the risk of TD.”
Passport Health nurse, Faina Pravin
“The product was amazing ..I went to Mexico for the first time and didn’t get ill….I was at the point where I was never going back there until I tried your product ..Mexico should pay you guys millions!!!!”
Ken Kuczwaj, Aliso Viejo, CA.
“I found Travelan to be very effective throughout our 2 week trip to India, Cambodia, and Thailand. Our group of 4 (including one pregnant), did not experience any GI discomfort. Travelan was safe for my pregnant friend to take and easy for all. I’m also a healthcare professional, and would recommend this to anyone else who is paranoid about travelers diarrhea when traveling abroad.”
Heather Bauer, MNA, CRNA
“Thank you Travelan”

Travelan – Maintained digestive health for tourists in Mexico
…Travelan proved its worth yet again, in Mexico. Not that the food was at all bad – in fact it was generally of very high quality and thoroughly delicious – but one must expect that one’s flora will find travel a little, um, stressful. We took Travelan faithfully and enjoyed our interactions with the hotel’s facilities…

2 x Healthy Travelers
A recent tour group on a trip to Cuba said:
“No problems – I took the pill each day!”
“I woke up with an upset stomach and took one of the pills -I felt better.”
“A few pills a day – keeps the diarrhea away!”
“The food was great in Cuba and I didn’t want to miss any meals. Travelan keep my stomach feeling fine!”
“It worked!”
“Thank you Travelan”
Travelan – Recommended as an ideal supplement to maintain digestive health for newly weds
“Thank you Travelan…10 days in India with Travelan and not the slightest problem and, while I wasn’t exactly roughing it, normally just a change in water is enough to give me some upset.”
Associate Prof David Anderson, Deputy Director
“Thank you Travelan”

Travelan – Maintained digestive health for fitness experts in Egypt
In January, 2005 we traveled to Cairo and took Travelan daily – we ate at local food markets and cruised the Nile without any hint of typical traveler’s troubles. On the cruise most of our traveling companions reported that they were suffering from upset tummies and a number found themselves confined to the cabin. We were in Egypt for a total of 12 days and all of them were made additionally enjoyable with the knowledge that we had taken Travelan. I have recommended Travelan to every person that mentions overseas travel to me!

Jenny McKay, National Sales Manager Aussie Bodies Pty Ltd